About CarvedCanvas

We are MAKERS!  We strive to produce the finest modular and textured wall art utilizing state of the art CNC technology with hand finishing techniques. No two canvases are alike as each work of art is handcrafted one at a time. We do not stock inventory. The world in which we reside is on-demand.


MODULAR – any combination of shapes, textures, & imagery that you can imagine

UNIQUE – all hand-painted so no two are exactly alike.  Your choice of 35 colors with limitless combinations to give you a truly one-of-a-kind piece

AFFORDABLE – rich textures and colors at a comfortable price

TRADITION/TECHNOLOGY – an artist’s sense of tradition combined with modern technology

DESIGN – something for everyone’s design sensibilities.  From classic to contemporary, transform your space

CUSTOM – choose from our compositions, design your own, or contact us for that special project.  We can work with photos, art, or logos to create a statement or preserve a special moment in time

SCALABILITY – no creation is too small or too big; too simple or too complicated

3 DIMENSIONAL – a unique process of carving brings images to life and tactile realism to textures and tessellations

INTERACTIVE – we encourage your creativity and invite you to become inspired by art again