Carved Canvas is a husband/wife team working out of their home studio in Longmont, Colorado.  Brian is the artist and creative mind behind the concept of Carved Canvas while Michele manages the business and offers creative assistance through painting and photography.  Their first home studio was in a converted 110 year old barn that Brian and Michele expanded into a house, building it themselves.  They have since moved farther into the countryside for the inspiration it provides on a daily basis.

Brian has always been an artist, having been a glass blower for 25 years.  The concept for Carved Canvas came out of a desire to find a unique use for a CNC router purchased for a glass chandelier project.  Starting with wood wall tiles, Carved Canvas morphed into the wall art we now create.  The textures were our first creations and the imagery came in to play soon after.  We are constantly creating new designs and are currently expanding into furniture and wall installations.

At the Carved Canvas, we believe that just as each human should celebrate what makes them unique, we do the same with each piece of art.  We embrace the flaws of the handmade process and the unique qualities of each design and creation.  We celebrate that which makes us human!